Troy McCubbin: G'day Guys, Hi from Japan!

Time of publication: 14.08.2006
Well we just arrived yesterday and its pretty humid and warm here.
Had a great flight with Singapore airlines, they really know how to look after you.
So after a week in LA running around trying to get everything done we are back out on the road for a month of solid touring.
Sochi, Russia i think was one of our best gigs yet and it was great to spend a bunch of days on the beach at the Black sea relaxing and having fun.
We went out on a big sail boat and me and Julia spent a good hour on the jet ski's, it was so much fun and yes Julia's just as crazy on the water as she is driving in Moscow!
The girls really put on a great show in Sochi.
At one point we had a bunch of fans on the side all screaming and dancing, so Julia told them to get in front of us.
So they all moved over to the centre of the stadium. Then security started to push them back, but Julia told them to piss off and leave them alone.
It was really great, the fans went nuts!!!
So today the girls arrive from Russia and we have a press showcase here.
Should be lots of fun and I'm looking forward to rocking out for Japan.
The people are so much fun here and very supportive.

We alot of press and shows to play here.
I really hope it all goes well here because I want to come back to Japan alot.
We are playing this huge fireworks show here where there will be 260,000 people in the audience.
Really looking forward to that, and I heard the fireworks are incredible.
Ok, I better get to the gym and get ready for the day ahead.
I will write as much as I can on this trip to keep you guys all up to date with whats going on. So keep checking in to read my diaries and to see the new pics I'll be posting.

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