Troy McCubbin: Well we just arrived in Nagoya, Japan

Time of publication: 18.08.2006
G'day from Japan,

Well we just arrived in Nagoya, Japan.
We took the bullet train from Tokyo this morning and we are here for 1 day to do a bunch of TV shows.
This trip has been great guys!
The Japanese are so friendly, they take such good care of us.
And the toilets here are the best!
Most toilets have this little button you press, where a little arm comes out that sprays water right in the right place, if you know what I mean. :)
Looks like we'll be coming back in November to play some big concerts, which should be great.
The girls and us guys have been doing lots of TV/Radio/Press here and yesterday we all did an interview for Japan TV to promote the DVD coming out called the "Truth". then we all went out for an awesome dinner!
Have to run, back soon!

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