Troy McCubbin: We had a pre-screening of the DVD last night

Time of publication: 21.08.2006
G'day guys,
We had a pre-screening of the DVD last night and it looks great.
I know all the fans will love it.
Its been such a great time here in Japan, we have experienced so many different things. We have received so many cool gifts from the Japanese fans too, they are the best!
Had some of the best Sushi in Tokyo the other night too! Wow I think it was still moving on the plate it was that fresh!
Dam it was good!
In Yokohama right now, played a private show last night for some fans and press, it ROCKED!
Us guys have a day off today.
So we are off to Tokyo to do some shopping.
The girls took off to Sapporo Japan today and we will meet up with them in Moscow in a week and a half.
I'm back to LA tomorrow to spend some time in the studio to get my music finished.
Really looking forward to finishing up some tracks for you all to hear.
So keep signing the guest book as its so great to hear from you all.
I'll be uploading new pics and videos once i get back to LA.
So keep coming back to check for up dates.

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