Troy McCubbin: G'day from Moscow!

Time of publication: 31.08.2006
G'day from Moscow!

Hey guys, I see you are all freaking out about the news, Tatu leaving Interscope Records.
Well no need to worry, the band isn't breaking up, its nothing like that.
All I can say is that our time with Interscope records has come to an end.
Its all good news, so no need to worry at all.
Great things are on the horizon. Everything will stay the same with the band.
Us guys (the band) are with TATU not Interscope records.
I can't say more than that at the moment, but trust me its good news.

So we arrived in Moscow last night to go out and catch up with the rest of the TATU gang.
We had a great dinner with Julia and some of her friends as well as Boris and the rest of the TATU family.
Lena couldn't make it but we'll catch up with her later today.
It was really nice because they gave me a gold guitar pendant for my birthday. I love being apart of this Russian family.
That was really nice of them.
Anyway, we leave later today for our train ride to Samara.
Should be lots of fun. I'm looking forward to playing a great concert.
As soon as I hear of more news about up coming shows I'll let you all know.
And another thank you for all the birthday wishes that keep coming in.
This has been a very cool birthday, thanks to you guys!

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