Troy McCubbin: We are back in Moscow from Samara

Time of publication: 04.09.2006
G'day Guys,

So now we are back in Moscow, after our 15 hour train trip from Samara.
It was a great show, the crowd were awesome and we had so much fun performing on stage.
Samara was a great city to visit! We did lots of press from TV to radio.
We went out after the concert to a club and partied it up. It was a TATU after concert party. We had so much fun dancing and drinking.
Lena and I were dancing when we both fell over.
I thought she cracked her head on the floor, because I heard this loud thump, I was so terrified. I could see the head lines now "Aussie Guitarist kills beautiful lead singer! Ahhhhhh!
But Lena was fine, except for a huge bruise on her butt, we both got up laughing our ass's off. It was a fun night thats for sure.
Lets just say there was no partying on the train trip back. We watched some movies on our computers and tried to sleep.

So now we have 4 days in Moscow then its a flight to kaliningrad for our next concert.
I think we are there for about 3 days, then us guys are back to LA.
I'm hopefully getting into the studio for a few days before we head off to Korea on the 16th.
Can't wait to see Korea, thats going to be a blast!

I have been getting a lot of questions about the Loves me not video. I haven't even seen what they released but i believe its just until they finish the proper video. So don't panic guys, TATU's schedule has been so crazy they just haven't had time to shoot the video just yet.

Ok guys must run,
Saying good bye from the TATU headquarters in Moscow.
Keep checking back for more blogs/pics and videos from the road.
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