Troy McCubbin: Back in Moscow

Time of publication: 01.10.2006
G'day Guys,

Hi, once again from Tatu headquarters, Moscow.
Had a great 9 days in LA, working in the studio on my music and enjoying the great LA weather.
We arrived here in Moscow from Los Angeles yesterday, after a 12 hour flight, which doesn't seem to be that bad anymore. Us guys must be getting use to these longs flights. A nice little crappie airline meal, a little in-flight movie and then the rest of the trip trying to find the best position to fall asleep. Yes, I think we are getting use to it. Not sure if my neck and shoulders are getting use to it though!

Today we are catching the 10pm train to Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan. population - over 1 million.
Yes, I haven't heard of this place either, but we're playing a show there. Should be very interesting, thats for sure.
So its a quick trip for us guys to Kazan, basically in and out. Then its back to Moscow to play a show which I believe to be a corporate event, then off to the Ukraine for a bunch of shows there.

After that I believe we have some shows in Europe! Yeah I can't wait!
Really looking forward to getting back to Europe. When i find out the exact countries we are going to visit, I'll let you guys know.

I have been getting alot of fans asking if us guys (the band) are going to record on the next album. All I can say is that we have talked about it and I think I can speak for all the guys in the band. We would love to!!
It would be great to play on the next album. Know one knows this music better and i know us guys will make it sound awesome. So I'm hoping thats what will happen. We want to make TATU the best it can be!

I posted some new pics from the Korea trip and also some videos, so check them out too
Thanks to all the fans that have left comments on my blog & on my picture gallery too, I love hearing from you all.
Its just fantastic to receive support from all over the world, you guys ROCK!
I do pass on all your requests, so keep them coming. To all the fans from Brazil, we will get back there! Just hang in there guys, we will get there eventually. We plan to play shows everywhere!
Ok guys must run, check back in for pics & videos from Kazan!


To a great Australian, an inspiration and a legend!

Steve Irwin - rest in peace mate

Good-on-ya mate!
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