Troy McCubbin: Lena's birthday

Time of publication: 04.10.2006
G'day Guys,

First of all I would like to wish Lena a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Lena is such a sweet heart guys, shes a very special person with a huge heart.
She has become like a sister to me and I love her dearly.
We are having a birthday dinner with Lena tonight, so I will pass on all your birthday wishes, get some pics and hopefully some video.
I will also tell Julia & Lena to write more in their diaries.

Thought I would drop you a quick blog to say hi from Moscow and also answer some of your questions.
Do I know alot of Russian? Mmm not enough! Very few words. Still learning english dam it!

When is TATU going to come to our country
We will get to your countries at some point, we want to play concerts everywhere, Latin America, USA, all over Europe, Asia and anywhere else I have not mentioned.
Its really up to you guys. Keep all the requests coming in!
If we pass them all onto the promoters, then they will book us to come to your country.
We are working on playing concerts everywhere!

Check out the new features here in my blog and guestbook too!
Ok guys, I must run as my time is up.
Talk more soon
I'll pass on all your best wishes to the girls.

Love you all
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