Lena Katina: Well, I am 22 now!

Time of publication: 09.10.2006
Hey, everybody! Well, I am 22 now! Damn! I am slowly growing old :) Thank you to all the fans who congratulated me, who came to my place and drank Champaign with me! So many pictures, presents, flowers! It is very special to me! A little bit about the celebration. In fact, I didn't want to throw a party: I was not in the mood... But still it was decided to just have a dinner in the near-by restaurant! I mostly invited people who work with us - musicians and our Tatu team. And of course, family and friends! Just the closest people. People who I love and who love me. Yulia gave me a pair of awesome ear-rings with dolphins and diamonds as a present! Very beautiful! There were so many presents and flowers that day! And the evening ended at my place, with songs and piano and guitar. We sang like crazy - the rest of the house couldn't go to sleep! And everybody left at dawn... We had so much fun - SUPER!
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