Troy McCubbin: Leaving for Kiev!

Time of publication: 10.10.2006
G'day Guys,

Well we'll be leaving for the train station shorty to catch the #5 train to Kiev, Ukraine. Another 12 hrs on the train. It seems everythign we do when it comes to traveling for us guys is 12 hrs. hehehe
I'm looking forward to seeing a new place. We'll be playing 3 shows in the Ukraine, I can't wait to meet some of the fans.

Really happy you guys loved the pics & video from Lena's party.
We had alot of fun. Love all the feed back you guys give me, I'm glad everyone is enjoying my website and everything I post. I'll try and keep it fresh with new blogs/pics and videos as much as I can.
As for shows in Europe i know nothing just yet, but us guys are working on getting there to play some shows.
We really want to go across Europe and play to all of you guys, if we can before the end of the year. Other parts of the world will just have to wait until the new year. I know I've said it before, but hang in there guys. We'll get there!
Ok I must run as we are leaving now to catch that train.
Have a look at all the new pics I posted and also there should be a bunch of new videos up in the next few days.
I'll take a bunch of pics and videos on this trip to share with you all.
Stay safe and keep the comments/guestbook signing coming!

Good on ya mate!
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