Troy McCubbin: Back in LA

Time of publication: 23.10.2006
G'day Guy's

Arrived back in Los Angeles last night after a bunch of long flights to get home. Its so good to be back in sunny LA. I love it!
Now my sleep pattern is completely all over the place and 3 days here in LA is just going to confuse it more.
5am I'm wide awake this morning, so i guess I'm taken the dogs out for an early run. The dogs will be looking at me like, "what the hell Troy, are you crazy!! Even this is too early for us dogs!!

So not a lot of time to get much recording done, with my music while I'm home this trip, but any is good right now. Everything is sounding great and I'm so excited to get some tunes finished. No set release date, but I will let you all know when its going to happen.
Julia & Lena are in Paris doing some promo right now, so I really hope that goes great! The band wasn't needed for this quick promo trip so we got to come home to get more supplies. I haven't heard any confirmed news on touring Europe or anywhere else just yet, but we are having some meetings when we get back to Moscow about the future of TATU. All positive stuff.
All I can say guys, we are really pushing to tour as many countries as possible and the future does look great for TATU. Lots of positive things happening in the near future. I will fill you all in when more is confirmed. I told Lena & Julia to write more in their diaries too. I try and pass on all your requests and comments as much as possible. Thank you to everyone who has sent me so many positive comments, pictures & signed my guest book. I'm glad you guys are enjoying all my up dates. Lot more videos and pics to come, stay tuned and Thanks for everyones support! Without you all, none of this happens! Special hello to all the fans in Latin America

Good on ya mate!
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