Troy McCubbin: Troy runs into Lion!

Time of publication: 30.10.2006
G'day Guys,

So once again I am writing to you all from the TATU head office here in Moscow and yes, again we are leaving on another train to play more shows in Russia, this time we go to Kirov, Russia.
Looking forward to seeing these places in Russia.

Had a great few days in LA, but it went way too quick.
Worked on my music and prepared everything for this tour.
Got up this morning to see the snow on the ground here in Moscow.
It looks great when it snows here!
Lucky I brought my long john underwear. Dam sexy baby

Everything is going great here in the TATU camp.
Julia and Lena look fantastic and we had so much fun the other night together.
I see Lena has a new hairstyle which looks really cool. You guys will have to wait for the pics!
The future looks very exciting and I have heard some touring rumours for next year.
Sorry i can't say anything just yet, but I'm so excited and really looking forward to next year. So much is happening and its all positive guys!

We played a private event Saturday night at this small club.
It was so much fun and we really rocked!
I'm looking forward to TATU playing a bunch of club gigs, because its hot, sweaty & tight and the fans were in our face. very ROCK & ROLL!
I love that, so hopefully that might happen in the future.

At this event they had a monkey and a Lion.
Yes I said a Monkey and a Lion or Lioness.
So in my photo gallery you can see these pics.
I nearly was lunch for the Lion.

If you look at the pics you'll see the one of the Lioness on stage.
When they brought the lioness on stage they looked like they were having a lot of trouble and struggled to hold her. The Lioness looked like she was going to attack someone at any moment. She was pissed Well I thought I have to get a better picture of the Lion, so thinking that the Lion was still on stage I ran down stairs to get closer and I ran straight into the Lion being coaxed backstage. This lion was not happy and the trainers were yelling at everyone to get the hell out of the way because they had trouble holding & controlling her.

I was coming down the stairs and the lion was coming up! The trainers were trying to get the Lion down to the next level. But when the Lioness caught a glimpse of me she came
at me. I SHIT MY PANTS AND RAN! Yes I shit my pants!! You have never seen a Aussie run so fast!! She was the biggest f#*king cat I have ever seen!!

That pic I took of her was the only one I got because I was too busy running my ass off. You can see her eyes are fixed on me. Everyone freaked out backstage.
So thats my wild life story and it all happened in Moscow. I love playing in TATU!

I noticed that a lot of fans have found some of my older music on another web site and were asking if I was going to post these tunes on my web site.
I actually haven't thought about it, because these songs were recorded for TV and film a few years back. Maybe at a later date I'll release them, but at the moment I am concentrating on my new music that more reflects who I am.

I am hoping to get at least 2 tracks finished to release before the end of this year. So I will let you all know when this will happen. Guys I have to say that all your support and e-mails/comments/pics are fantastic!
Love hearing from you all.

Good on ya mate!
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