Troy McCubbin: Tatu and the Circus animals!

Time of publication: 04.11.2006
G'day Guys,

Wow who knew that animals were going to be such a huge part of this touring around Russia?
We arrived in Kirov on Tuesday the 31st, early in the morning after a long train trip yet again.
Us guys are starting to get these trips down now.
I usually curl up with a good book, or watch some movies on our computers or I work on my songs and play guitar.
Anything to make the time fly by. Everyone shares a 2 bunk cabin. It's pretty cozey and comfortable. Its even better when we get the first class cabins as we have a tv and power for our computers.
I don't seem to get much sleep on the train and our tech guys love to sit there and drink vodka until it runs out.
I can't do that, I'm a mess after just a few drinks, so I don't bother anymore.
Doesn't make the morning that enjoyable waking up with a vodka hangover.

This trip Lena, Sven and I watched a movie and hung out for a little. Then Sven and I watched another movie until we both fell asleep in our bunks while the train raced along the tracks banging and clattering the whole way through the night. Not much of a smooth trip and nothing to really see as we are traveling at night.
But there is a sense of mystery traveling through Russia on these trains at night. Oooooooo you say! Well maybe its just in my imagination.
I never thought my musical career would take me to this part of the world. I'm glad I'm getting to see all of these places you really would never go to.

So this gig we played in Kirov was held in a building where a circus performs.
It was a huge circular dome with a circus ring and everything. Pretty cool because we were set up kind of in the middle with the crowd around us.
During sound-check these circus guys come rushing in yelling and screaming for us to shutup. My speakers for my amps are backstage now, to keep the volume down onstage, as I love to have my amps really really loud. hehehehe ROCK

After we calmed them down, they told us the noise is freaking out all the animals.
I'm like what animals? You guys have animals in the building? Well to my surprise they had all these animals backstage in separate rooms. So Sven and I went for the full tour. I couldn't believe it, they had a tonne of monkeys all in one room. It really really smelled bad, i mean, way more than the guys in the band do! hehe
I had to leave because the smell was too much for me.
We keep running into monkeys on this trip! Maybe its a sign?

Then they showed us a bunch of snakes in another room, these pythons were huge! Sven and I managed to get a pic with one of the big pythons around our necks.
They had horses, a huge pig, an Eagle, a cow, a Zebra, a Hungry hungry Hippo and a bunch of Ostriches. Funny enough as a kid my family bred Ostriches on our farm for a while back in Australia. So I felt quite at home with them.
Then they showed us , a big old Kangaroo and even 2 crocodiles! Wow! I'm home!
I thought of Steve Irwin straight away! I think Steve would have been really sad though, because i was, after I seen the conditions these animals lived in.

It wasn't very cool, I felt really bad for the animals. Then I walk back on stage and be a rockstar again! It's crazy how this world works! So we fixed the noise problems by putting my amps in a small room. I actually hope the animals enjoyed my guitar playing, because I had a ball at the gig. It was lots of fun!
Last minute before us guys went on stage we all threw on some makeup for Halloween. I think we all kind of secretly liked wearing the makeup too. Julia and Lena just looked at us like we were crazy, but it was lots of fun to go out and rock looking more scary than we usually do without makeup.

Then it was back on a train again for another 12 hours to the next city called Ekaterinburg. There we played a club which looked really cool, but the sound system was a little too small for the ROCK we were about to bring to all the fans that night. The fans were packed in and there didn't seem to be a lot of room to move. I really enjoy playing clubs where the fans are so close, it was so tight, hot and sweaty! It's very ROCK and lots of fun, and we all feed off the energy of the crowd.
Even though the sound system wasn't what we required, I had a great gig and just enjoyed playing and rocking out.

Finally we caught a plane back to Moscow and as I sit here in this internet cafe writing to you all on Friday night, I am really curious to see what the next cities will be like.
Tomorrow we board another train and head for Volgograd, I think its over 17 hrs long. Dam! I should have brought more books to read!
Play a show there and then jump on another train for a day of travel to Ufa. You guys are going to have to look up where these places are on a map, because I have no idea right now. So thats the latest guys. Lots of train travel, concerts and then more train travel. Check out my pics I've posted and I'll have to edit the videos to get them up on my web site too.
No news on any shows in Europe just yet, but its all being worked on.

Huge hello to all the fans in Mexico, Korea and Australia. I love getting all your feed back and I'm glad everyone is enjoying my blogs, pics & Videos.

Talk more soon!
Good on ya mate!
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