Troy McCubbin: How cold? WHAT????

Time of publication: 08.11.2006
G'day Guys,

Trains trains and more trains
Wow! i think i have done my share of traveling on trains for a while.
But more to come I have been told. Ahhhhh!
Just joking its not that bad.
Well anything over 25 hours plus, can drive you a little nuts.
Lots of reading and watching movies!
Lena, Sven and I watched 3 movies back to back in our cabin.
2 movies were horror films which Lena usually hates, but she stuck it out and was very brave. I was impressed. The girl doesn't scare easy! But Sven and I did our share of trying to scare her throughout the movies. Thats what us guys do! It passed the time away anyway!

Today we just flew back into Moscow from Ufa, Russia.
I think we played 2 shows since we last talked, one in Volgograd and last night in Ufa.
We had lots of fun at both shows.
I think we were so happy to get off that train we rocked a little more too!
The first show in Volgograd was at a stadium and the middle isles were all VIP.
The first couple of songs I was thinking, man this is a tough audience because they just sat there and didn't really show any enthusiasm.

But then Julia & Lena told everyone to come right to the front. Everyone rushed forward and it was a great rock show from then on.
I love it when they do that. It was a really fun show!

Then we jumped straight back on the train after having a quick dinner to travel to Ufa.
27 hours later we arrived at 4am in the morning. It was so cold getting off that train, all i could think about was sunny California. But once we got to the hotel and rested we were back on track.
Ufa's show was at this really cool club and after sound check I kind of knew we would have a great show because everything sounded really good. And we did!
The fans were packed in and we rocked out!
It was just load's of fun. The Ufa crowd were fantastic! Great venue, great people!
Julia & Lena really rocked out this show and were jumping everywhere on stage!
Then it was back to the hotel for a few hours sleep, well maybe some of us slept and some of us didn't. hehehehe
I heard a rumour that Julia kicked the guys ass's in bowling! Julia's just lucky I wasn't there!!

So now, tonight we jump back on a plane and head for sunny Siberia
Yes -20 i was told. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
-20 OMFG This Aussie is going to freeze his nuts off!!
I'm just not made for that kind of weather! But there is a part of me that is really excited to see this remote place of Siberia.
WOW Siberia, that just looks cool on the resume doesn't it?
So the first city will be a place called Surgut, then its off to Novosibirsk & Irkutsk.

So thats it folks for this blog. I do have new pics to get up and I will, but time is getting away from me, so hopefully I'll get online from Siberia. Mmmmm maybe not? Who knows? I will be very impressed if they have internet!
A huge hello to everyone in Spain, Italy, USA & Sweden! As I keep saying guys, its awesome to hear from all of you, from all different parts of the world. Keep all the guest book signings / comments and e-mails coming! Talk to you from Siberia!
We will get to your country eventually!
Oh yeah! No animals of any kind on this trip! Not counting the guys in the band!

Good on ya mate
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