Troy McCubbin: Planes, trains & automobiles! Part 2.

Time of publication: 29.11.2006
Its 9:33am and there is still an hour and a bit to go before we arrive in Moscow. Then us guys have to run like rabbits to get to our driver, who we call Lead Foot Larry, is the only man in russia who can get us to the airport in time. Only because he drives like Schumacher on a normal day! I swear guys, our drivers in Moscow are crazy! This guy will pick us up at Moscow airport and then drive like its a mad race to get to our hotel. Why? I have no idea, but he seems to really enjoy the challenge, while us guys sit in the car with our balls in our mouths praying to god! Maybe he loves to scare to shit out of us! It works! Its really crazy driving! But we need him today! I think Lead Foot Larry is up for challenge! l know he's going to love this drive.

We pull into the Moscow train station and we are all ready to run like crazy to the car. The only problem is us guys have no idea where the car is? Luckily the driver is waiting right there as the train stops. He grabs us and we all sprint to the car. Now Moscow is like LA on acid when it comes to traffic. Its completely over the top.
It takes forever to go anywhere in this town when traffic is crazy. But lucky for us today is sunday and just maybe traffic will be fine. We jump in the car and the driver reverse's back to speed off...... Stop! Straight into traffic, we didn't get 2 feet and now we are going nowhere, bumper to bumper.
This is not looking good!
We have a long way to go to the airport and no time to do it in.
But then the clouds open up and the traffic starts moving. Wow! A break finally! I'm sitting shotgun, so I turn and give a look to Lead Foot Larry (LFL) to go for it.
I can tell he's really excited about this challenge and the fact that we are giving him permission to drive crazy really really scares me.

Its hang on guys as he speeds off like a formula one driver through the streets of Moscow. Which I might add would be a perfect spot for a formular one race. The streets are like 5 lines wide and thats just the normal streets through the city. We use every lane as Lead Foot Larry zig zags his way through the traffic.
Now I don't scare easily but he wasn't holding back on this trip. I thought we were going to bite it a few times. Sven let out a few OMFG's from the back seat and I think we all thought it might be just a wise idea to cut our loss's and catch tomorrow's flight home. LFL didn't think so! He was on a roll and no one was going to stop him now.

We are flying through the traffic now and the situation is looking better all the time. We are making great time! Then just when l thought it was going to become easy, dead stop traffic again. This is really bad and it looks like we are going to not even come close to making it on time. But once again it clears and LFL takes off again at a crazy pace, missing cars by inches. When did being in Tatu become so dangerous? I mean Julia's a crazy driver, but this guy has taken it to a whole new level. The clocks getting away from us and with no time to spare we pull into the airport. WOW we made it, but l look at my watch and our plane is just about to take off. I don't think we are going to make! We still have to run upstairs get our tickets, go through security and check our baggage.

Sven takes off in his direction as he's flying home to Germany, while Domen, Steve and I run like crazy to get tickets. Once we get to the counter I realize we are missing important forms, so Steve goes to get them as I try and get our tickets. Of course there has to be one guy in front of me that is just taking forever. AAHHHHH!
Mate this is a life and death situation, get the F#*k out of my way. I didn't really say that but it was going through my head. So I patiently wait there as it seems to take forever. I'm starting to dance in the one spot like I need to pee now, thinking that will help speed up the process in some way.

Finally he finishes and I'm next. Great! The lady has been expecting us and tells us to run to the gate because the plane is leaving. OMG! Still have to do security and check our luggage. We all run off like crazy men pushing people out of the way, knocking children off their feet and hitting old people who get in our way! Well not really, but we run really fast! You know when every second counts and people just want to take their time to mess with you! We hit security and all they want to do is check every little piece of clothing you have! Ahhhhhhh! Exactly!
Then I hear a voice from the other side of security! You guys need to go now, your plane is leaving! Its one of the Delta people and she doesn't look confident at all that we'll make it. We grab our tickets and run for immigration! Dam! Immigration always takes forever! Ahhh!, We're not going to mate it!
Lets go guys!! RUN!

So did we make it? Was it all for nothing?
Come back to find out!

Good on ya guys!
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