Troy McCubbin: Planes, trains & automobiles! Part 3.

Time of publication: 01.12.2006
Thats exactly what we have been doing for the last 32 hours plus! Everything was to the very last minute!
So where am I?
I'm so happy to tell you that I'm now sitting on my couch in LA, relaxing and eating crap food
YEAH! We made it!
And that concludes another adventure with Tatu.
I tell you guys its never a dull moment. Home for 1 week then back to Moscow to do it all again.
I just know there will be more crazy stuff happening on this next trip! Ok, I have to get back to relaxing and eating my crap food in front of the TV.
Hope you all enjoyed my dramatic tale of another Tatu adventure!
Thanks for all your comments

Good on ya mates!
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