Troy McCubbin: We don't need no drama drama!

Time of publication: 18.12.2006
G'day Guys,

Long time no talk. Been pretty busy with the band traveling around playing a bunch of gigs. Not as many dramas on this trip, but still dramas. On the way to the train station us guys got into a car accident. None of us were hurt, as it was a small fender bender and not our drivers fault either.

In Moscow if you pay off the police you get looked after a lot better. The driver who cut us off paid the cops, and our driver was made to follow them back to the station when it wasn't even his fault. While we had to stand on the side on the road with all our luggage waiting for another driver to come and pick us up. Of course this all happened when we were in a hurry to catch our train. Another race against time through Moscow traffic.
We just laugh now, because we have come to expect crazy stuff in Moscow. Especially the term "not possible" & "Your in Russia, this is how is works here" hehehe

But before that drama we played the club B1 in Moscow. Turned out to be a great night with our fans. After the show we signed a bunch of autographs and talked with the fans. Then we went to the Moscow song of the year awards. Us guys were suppose to perform with the girls, but last minute they pulled the pin on us, as they weren't setup to have the band play as well. So me & the guys just partied and hung backstage.

Then we caught the train to Vilnius, Lithuania for a stadium gig. Fantastic crowd, over 5500 people there. Really great show! It was so much fun to play to a packed stadium of Tatu fans. From there we jumped on a bus for 4 hours and headed to Riga, Latvia. We had a private show there at a casino/hotel. Love Riga! Very pretty city and the best thing is that the whole city is on wireless. For FREE! You can be in the park and get internet, So us guys geeked out for hours. The rest of the world should take a leaf out of Riga's book when it comes to the internet. Most cities rape you with how much it costs to get online. So we had a few fun days in Riga causing trouble. Then we jumped back on a train and headed back to Moscow. It was only 18 hours or something. AAHHH! That drives you nuts if you can't sleep. Now we are safely back in our hotel in Moscow waiting for our next trip on wednesday to Moldova. Looking forward to that.

Thank you for all your feed back from my last blog. I'm so happy you guys enjoyed the novel length blog of our crazy adventures. I'll also be posting a bunch of pics from my last recording session in LA, recently with legendary drummer Gregg Bissonette (Joe Satriani, TOTO, David Lee Roth, Ringo Starr, Duran Duran etc.)

I was extremely lucky to have one of the worlds best drummers & one of my heros play on 6 of my songs. Gregg kicked butt and the tracks sound killer! Gregg ROCKS! Also I was lucky enough to have top producer & friend of mine, Dan be there to over see everything. Dans worked with all the big names, but more on him later. Its all still very hush hush. I can't say too much just yet.

So everything is starting to really come together with my music. But more info/pics of that coming soon!
But in the mean time check out the new pics & silly little Tatu comic strip I posted. Yes, Troy has way too much time on his hands!
Wanted to say a huge thanks to Vilnius Lithuania for being such an awesome crowd and also a big hello to Italy
Hope everyone is ready for Xmas! Hopefully I can get the girls and the band to send out some Xmas greetings!

Good on ya mates!
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