Lena Katina: Merry Christmas!

Time of publication: 24.12.2006
Well, boys and girls, Merry Christmas to those of you, who celebrate this holiday today! Me and Julia wish you love, luck and kindness around!!! New Year is coming. Today we're decorating our Christmas tree. I plan to celebrate it with my former classmates, as usual! Happy New Year beforehand! Celebrate it good! The most important thing is not to have a headache the next day.

P.S. Did I tell you we found a puppy? He's so funny! Gave him a name - Pashtet. And now I know all dog lovers of our neighborhood. All needed injections are already done. Pashtet resembles beagle, but his colors are those of a sheepdog – black with red. Actually, I think it is a good thing to take dogs from home for dogs. I looked through some web-sites recently and found so many cute homeless doggies. I would take them all if I could! It’s an awesome thing to give a poor abandoned dog home, warmth, comfort, love...
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