Troy McCubbin: 2007! Lets ROCK!

Time of publication: 12.01.2007
G'day Guys,

Hope everyone is going great mate!
Thanks to everyone for their 2007 well wishes. Its awesome to hear from you all.
So with a big party to bring in the new year, it is great to be back in Los Angeles. After a week of getting back in the swing of things I'm in the studio recording as we speak, working on my new album. Its sounding great and I can't wait for you all to hear it.
Some more good news for Tatu, Sven is off to record some vocals with Julia & Lena in Germany to demo some songs. So I hope that will go really well. Can't wait to hear them! Then the rest of us guys can start adding some of our magic to these new tunes. No more other news on the Tatu front just yet, but as soon as I hear something I will pass it on.

On a side note, a song I wrote some time ago was used last night on the ABC hit TV show, "Men in Trees" .
(If you go down to Episode 12: The Darkest Day, You can see my name and the song title "This is how she gets")
Its really great to get a song out there on TV land. More to come!
But more than ever I am excited to get my new album finished and out to you guys.
Thank you to everyone for your myspace comments, e-mails and all your guest book signings.

Good on ya mates!
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