Lena Katina: Well, as I've promised, here's our Pashtet Ivanovich!

Time of publication: 06.02.2007
Well, as I've promised, here's our Pashtet Ivanovich! Why Ivanovish? I have no idea. He's also Pashteton and P.I.. He ate all the slippers in the house, for some reason his favorite thing to do is to tear them into small pieces. He's very funny and very kind. Loves everyone, no exceptions. Yesterday we got him dog food - 13 kg! - and two boxes of canned stuff. Actually, he's such a great stress relief. A happy creature! He's fed, loved, walked and caressed! That's what I call real dog's life! I wish I lived like this: Not thinking about anything, not worrying, no problem solving - everything's done for you... But on second thought, we're doing all this, things because we're people. And actually this is awesome!!! It's so good to live, and black stripe will always change into white one. You just have to believe it, be patient and do your best! Well... enough for today, too much philosophy. And I was just going to tell you about Pashtet! No, I am really happy that now we have this little friend!!! Kisses.
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