Lena Katina: Here are answers to some of your questions, guys!

Time of publication: 18.06.2007
Hi everybody! Here are answers to some of your questions, guys!

About the new album: Will there be an English AND Russian Version of the album – as it was before?

Yes, there'll be both Russian and English versions. The songs will be a bit different. By the way, some translations of song lyrics will differ a little from originals in their meaning. But this is the way it's getting together.

When you share a bed how do you choose parts and who wakes up earlier?

It depends… Generally, I sleep on the left, and Yulia - on the right. And who wakes up earlier – it's different every time. But Yulia wakes earlier more often because she spends much time doing her hair. And meanwhile I have time to lie in!

There's a lot of gay people among your fans. You helped many people in the world to realize who they are. What would you advise intimidated homosexual teenagers, whose parents hate and offend gays?

Just not to be afraid and to live how they think they should. Because it is their life and nobody, even parents, has a right to interfere in love relationship. It's not always correct what mothers and fathers tell us. They judge from their point of view, and it is necessary to have your own experience and to make - or not to make - your own mistakes in life. Maybe then it's possible to understand something: What is right or wrong, what is necessary and not necessary.

What single word would you choose to describe your fans?


Will you play or write music in the new album?

So far we played or wrote nothing – we like the material that our songwriters offer.

When will you finally stop making fun of us and make a new video and release a new single?

First, nobody makes fun of you, and second, there'll be a new video soon. Have some patience!

Lena, if you had a daughter, what name would you choose for her?

I haven't thought of it. I'll have a look at a religious calendar and choose among names close to baby's birth date.

What do you think of the song "Simple motions "? Why did you decide not to release English version of this song?

Good song. It's such a cool Volkova's scream: "Ya prodolzhayu!!!!" But this song was ready kind of "between albums" and was promoted as single in Russian – and there was no place for the English version at that moment. Although it exists.

Does Fan Art interest you? Do you look through the pictures devoted to you, watch video and read fan-fic?

Certainly! Many things are forwarded to us. And sometimes I see things here, at our site - when Tolik is at home, as he knows what people do with computers.

Lena, I read that for t.A.T.u. casting you sang a song in Spanish. What song was it? And if it is not true, would you like to sing in Spanish and do you like this language?

No, it's not true. I sang in English, it was Roxette's "It must have been love". But I really like Spanish language and actually plan to learn Spanish and French in the future.

Popularity is not only about taking pictures and looking pretty on stage, but also a way to get a message to people and make them think. We?ve all seen big artists using their popularity for a good cause. Bon Jovi helped building houses for the Katrina victims. Shakira helped poor children in her country etc. Are you planning to use your popularity to help a good cause?

I do some things not as a popular artist, but as Lena Katina, unknown to many. I don't want my little charity things I do to be covered by media because in Russia most people consider it artist's PR in a bad sense of this word – everybody, look, how good I am… It's a little bit differently accepted abroad. Besides, in the West if an artist takes part in charity projects, he or she can be sure that money will be got to the right destination. In Russia it's very difficult to track this..Therefore I prefer not to send money, but to get some toys and go to orphanage or hospital… And I don't believe when they say, "We need money!" I believe when they say, "We need shoes of this size, this many pampers, or crawlers, irons, medicine…"

Do you know the approximate date of new album's release?

We don't know yet. All information will be on the official site.

Will you return to American TV?

We'll try to.

What happened with "Truth" DVD? It was never released.

It's actually ready, but because of legal issues with our former record-label, which we hadn't expect, we couldn't release it. But…. (drumming)… soon "Truth" will be exclusively available at More information will be posted here, at the official site.

What is your new record label?

We're in the process of negotiations. To sign a new contract with a record label, it's first necessary to record an album. And the album is almost ready.

Girls, honestly, don't we bother you too much?

No, not too much Oh, and it will be just great if nobody calls at 4 AM pretending to be several different people!

What do you think of an environment protection?

I think it's a very good thing. We have only one planet! I personally try at least not to throw trash right out of the window - like some people do.

Lena, what do you think of the news that Yulia's waiting for a baby?

Well, what can I think?! What would you think of happiness of your dear, close person that you really love? I am so glad for Yulka! Children are a holy thing. So – be happy together with us!

Kiss you,
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